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How to apply?

Manufacturer or importer applies for the electrical number from STK. Product information should be sent using a standard Excel sheet which is also used when product information is delivered to wholesalers.

The following minimum information is required to open an electrical number

  • Product group where the product will be opened
  • Brand nameGeneral name: most of the product groups are harmonized and therefore only general names that can be found from STK-dictionary should be used. (max length of this field is 30 characters)
  • Technical product name: general instruction for the field: "Typecode technical_Detail1 technical_Detail2"(max length of this field is 30 characters)
  • Sales unit, usually PCE (Piece) or MTR (Meter)
  • Packaging information
  • GTIN if applicable.

It is recommended to send product images, attachments and links to product information when applying for electrical numbers. This information is then available for wholesalers and partners to be used in electronic- and print catalogues. Read more »